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We had an incredible turn out to our Covid19 songwriting contest! Thank you to everyone that participated!

With over 300 entries, we have a lot of songs to listen to! Every song is special and helps to tell a story from a unique point of view. We all have different day to day experiences, but after hearing a lot of these songs, it puts into perspective that we are all fighting this together, in our own ways.

BURL will nominate 8 songs and post them to the BURL Audio Facebook Page as 8 separate videos. We will include polls on our Facebook page where YOU will get to vote for your favorite song. Invite ALL your friends and family to listen and vote!

Out of the 8 songs chosen by BURL, YOU will vote for your favorite song. The first round of voting begins on May 12th to May 15th. We will then take the 4 most popular songs, and do a second voting round beginning on May 19th to May 22nd. We will take the 2 most popular songs and do one final voting round for the winners beginning on May 26th to May 29th. The winners will be announced on June 2nd!

First place will win the option of a B16 MOTHERSHIP chassis or a B2 BOMBER ADC. Second place will have the choice of a B1 or B1D mic pre.

First round voting will take place from May 12 to May 15.

Second round voting will take place from May 19 to May 22.

Final round voting will take place from May 26 to May 29.

Winners will be announced on June 2nd!

If you have any questions, please send us an email









Pete Lyman | BURL B16 MOTHERSHIP Mastering Solution

We recently caught up with long time BURL artist, Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Mastering in Nashville, TN. Pete has used the BURL B2 BOMBER ADC and DAC for years. In this video, Pete tells us his first impression of the new BURL B16 MOTHERSHIP Mastering Solution, and how it compares to other industry-standard converters, and how it has improved his work-flow.

Pete's B16 features the BMB6 with AES connectivity. As for the i/o, this B16 has a BAD4M and a BDA4M daughter card. The BAD4M provides 4 channels of A/D with switchable BX1 input transformers and the BDA4M has 4 channels of D/A with switchable BX5 output transformers.






From May 4 - May 31
Save 10% on ALL BURL Audio products.



Popular MOTHERSHIP Solutions



This is a high-end home recording solution featuring the B4 MIC / LINE ADC Daughter Card with 4 analog inputs, and the B22 ORCA Daughter Card with 2-channels for mixing/mastering and a 2-channel monitor section.




This is an example of a mastering solution featuring the B16 MOTHERSHIP with a BAD4M for 4-channels of analog input and a BDA4M for 4-channels of analog output with switchable transformers and adjustable analog attenuation.




This B80 MOTHERSHIP features 32 analog inputs via the BAD8 ADC Daughter Card, and 24 analog outputs via 3 BDA8s and 1 BDA4M DAC Daughter Cards.




This is an example of a MOTHERSHIP solution for live sound. It features 32 MIC / LINE inputs via the B4 Daughter Card, and 16 outputs via BDA8s.


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