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 PRO AUDIO: Audio samples for Antelope Audios effects

Antelope Audio presents a new breed of bundled hardware-based audio effects.

Leaders in the field of digital audio clocking, Antelope Audio is now on a mission to revolutionize the world of digital audio interfaces.

A??telope’s ??usto?? Field Progra????a??le Gate Array (FPGA) guarantees the lowest performance latency on the market for creating flexible I/O routing,

multiple monitor mixes, and providing powerful parallel processing capabilities for utilizing audio effects in real time.

Orion Studio, Zen Tour and Goliath are next-generation audio interfaces featuring this new breed of powerful hardware-based audio

effects. They include vintage and contemporary guitar amp & cab simulations developed in collaboration with Overloud Audio Tools, plus Antelope's

very own, enhanced versions of legendary studio gear.

Guitar Classics:

Top30 is the choice for followers of the so-??alled ??British I????asio?? “ou??d??. This

amp simulation & cabinet modeled combo produces a remarkably pure tone

whether you like your guitar sounding clean or overdriven. For over 60 years

artists have been returning to this unique sounding combo.


Darkface is our tribute to the classic amp of the 60s. If your passion is playing

vintage rock, jazz, country or good old blues you'll surely love this sound.

Designed to preserve the natural tone of the guitar, even when playing loud, is

what made this sound so popular. This classic combo is impeccably reproduced,

using our realtime FPGA and the realism of the sound and feel will strike you the

minute you play your guitar through Amp and matching Cabinet.


Modern is what you pick when you want to unleash a crushing wall of guitar

sound. Suitable for any metal sub genre, this all tube guitar amp simulation is

the best choice when you need super heavy distortion, and when your leads and

solos need that extra boost to shine in a mix.


Take a good look at Plexi 59, because this is the amp, which created the true

tone of the classic rock. Antelope & Overloud poured their hearts and souls in

recreating the legendary voice of this warm and loud amp. Plexi 59 sounds

bright and crunchy, with a lot of headroom just like the hardware piece we

love so much. Antelope's powerful FPGA allowed us to achieve the signature

tone of this late 50s, hand-wired tube legend with large transformers and highplate



it ??ith t??o ?????? OB Gree?? speakers a??d your guitars ??ill ha??e a ??eaty thi??k ??otto?? e??d a??d super s??ooth ??ids. Whe?? pushed hard Plexi 59 gets super

loud, but never muddy. The amp that inspired our very own Plexi 59 is not just a standard in blues and rock music, but a bridge to the hard rock and

heavy metal wave that was to be unleashed upon the world.


Rock 75 brings the true sound of one of the most beloved all-valve 100W amps

in rock history. No reverb, no effects, just the pure raw rock tone, which has kept

this amp in demand for over 40 years now. Rock 75 is like the Plexi 59 on

steroids. All the cranking his older brother couldn't handle, is now possible.

Forty years ago this amp gave guitarists not only more heat, but also more

control over the output level. Now, that legendary amp architecture is

authentically recreated thanks to Antelope's powerful custom FPGA.

We ensured that Rock 75 is as loud as the real hardware inspiration the tube

amp legend that quickly became a standard for all big stadium rock raves.


The 80s were marked by a worldwide hard-rock and heavy metal explosion. For

amp manufacturers that meant one thing MORE GAIN.

Rock 22.10 is FPGA-modeled after an amp from that era, which handled this

new sound the best. It achieved its savage and aggressive sound by having extra

clipping diodes and its EQ was placed after the third gain stage. Antelope's 22.10

features controls for Presence, Bass, Middle and Trebble plus Master and Pre-

Amp Volume for even more detailed Gain control.


EQ Legends:

60 years ago a legendary passive tube EQ was born that became a part of nearly

every pro studio in the world. VEQ-1A is not only breathing a new life into a

classic, but sounds as thick as the real piece and it does hide quite a few tricks.

For example, when used in stereo link mode, it reproduces a tight stereo image.

In addition simultaneous cut and boost of the same frequency gives the sound a

unique quality you can't really get with another EQ. Twisting its knobs can deliver massive bass and gentle highs with the richness of a real hardware.

With your lo??s a??d highs properly treated, it’s ti??e to put so??e guts i?? the

mids! VMEQ-5 is the mid-ra??ge’s ??est frie??d. T??o peak bands and a dip one are

all you need to give your vocals, synth, guitar leads or snare drum the analog

punch they've always needed. This little beast can also clean up a murky midrange

like a boss.

Your hands are surely already itching to try all these out, but not before we tell

you about the parametric VEQ-55A. Having issues getting your bass guitar sound

edgy enough? Need some meat in your drums or maybe some body in the

guitars? Problem solved, VEQ-55 will emphasize the tiny details your mix has

been missing.

Fan of the 70's and early 80's Golden Era of Recording? This channel module has

been surely used on all your favorite records. The BAE 1073 can handle it all

from classical music to TV pop, deep bass, hip-hop and rock. Inspired by the

hardware original, we made sure this recreation can give your sound the very

specific analog punch and roundness, which top producers have been cashing in

on for decades.

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